The Mission summarizes the aims by which we are measured, and describes the values that express our company's self-conception and culture. 


With our innovative products, we make a lasting contribution to improved ergonomy and higher efficiency of the equipment used, as well as supporting the health of working personnel. Hereby, environmental aspects are taken into account with every decision. Energy and raw materials are used efficiently and in accordance with ecological considerations, thus helping to preserve our environment. All products are manufactured under the aspect of minimum environmental impact.


We deal fairly with our competitors, and observe the rules of the market. We observe the laws and regulations of the countries in which we are active. We promote equal opportunities, and oppose every kind of discrimination. We behave reliably towards our business partners, and communicate honestly.


The high quality of our products is a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers and our shareholders. Stable manufacturing processes in an active quality management system to DIN/ISO 9000 ensure particularly good and uniform workmanship. We keep closely in touch with our customers, and strive to obtain a deeper understanding for their needs and the utilization of technology. We accept challenges in order to overcome them, examine the results self-critically, and always want to go one step further. Our activities are marked by everything that affects the EXPRESSO seal of quality, and therefore the demand to do everything in the best possible manner.


Our company management principles include long-term thinking, transparency through flat hierarchies, decentralization, and the participation of our employees in the company's success. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting means: deciding, shaping, accepting responsibility, further development. To enable our employees to accept responsibility in this sense, we provide workplaces with a wide range of tasks and as much decision-making freedom as possible. We make use of our resources to detect new trends in our surroundings, and to develop the required technology in good time.